Legally, Wisconsin Women No Longer Have Bodily Autonomy

Last Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the seminal 1973 case guaranteeing the right to an abortion. Now, thanks to a pre-Civil War law, abortion is illegal and pregnancy itself is unsafe in our state.

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The New State Held A Public Health Resource Fair & School Supply Giveaway

The New State held a Public Health Resource Fair & School Supply Giveaway in order to provide resources and supplies that the community needs. The event was also an opportunity for neighbors to get connected with local organizations, agencies, and businesses who are dedicated to serving their communities.

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How Wisconsin Voices Helped Milwaukee's Metcalfe Park Community

Wisconsin Voices Succeeds In Helping Milwaukee's Metcalfe Park

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The Milky Way Wisconsin October Tech. Month Kickoff Event

Nadiyah Johnson giving the opening address for Wisconsin's October 2021 Tech. Month

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The Brandon Taylor Story How My Faith In God Helped Me Recover From Incarceration

Watch this video as he explains how he went from incarcerated to a certified AODA COUNSELOR.

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How I Am Fighting The System To Reclaim My Life

The truth is, you can't fight the system if you don't know what it takes to make change happen. And I'm not talking about just knowing how to write a letter or sign your name on a petition. We're talking about getting down in the trenches and working with people who are really fighting for justice right now--whether that's through prison ministries, education advocacy, or community organizing. Becoming an advocate for your community is one of the most important things you can do to make life better for yourself and others.

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How does the cost of prison phone calls affect inmate family relationships?

The Real Costs Of Incarceration -I'm not sure what's worse, the fact that families are financially raped to talk to inmates or that our prisons are run by private companies. A new report found that when a family member is incarcerated, it not only hurts their loved ones but also can significantly impact the community. But this isn't just about crime and punishment, it's also about poverty!

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EXPO Milwaukee - Prison Without Walls Town Hall Meeting

Injustice Of Justice Caused By Broken Judicial System *EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE* - This is a video that I think should be watched by EVERYONE. The justice system does not work for everyone, and it's unfair to have people incarcerated without rehabilitation programs available. The broken judicial system needs to change now!

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