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Wisconsin Voices envisions a Wisconsin where every person has the means, motivation, and freedom to fully participate in a just democracy that provides opportunities for all people to thrive.

Our democracy needs strong and educated people to keep our freedom alive.

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Youth Advocates for Change

The Youth Advocates for Change program is designed to increase participation of teenagers and young adults (ages 16 to 24) in our democracy by having them participate in a series of trainings focused on voter rights, communication strategies, civic education, and voter options/processes. Participants will then design an informational campaign on a community issue of their choosing that will educate 6,000residents through social media, video and in-person presentations. Wisconsin Voices and our partners will be there as support and guide for this campaign, but we will not tell the participants exactly what to do.


Voter Registration Education

Wisconsin Voices works with community partners in, training, and mobilizing their communities to advocate and educate residents on different forms of civic engagement/advocacy, how it looks in different disciplines (city, county, state), and the appropriate measures needed to accomplish goals.


Voter Rights & Election Protection

Wisconsin Voices is a member of the Wisconsin Voting Rights Coalition’s Election Protection group. We collaborate with many nonprofit organizations to protect the vote in our state, via poll watchers, legal observers, and observers at central count locations. We also work to keep people up to date on changes to the voting process in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Voices also participates in calls with local clerks and strategy sessions on responding to potential threats to our elections and voting rights. Wisconsin Voices also fights for your voting rights in the state and federal government, supporting proposals to protect and expand voting rights and opposing unnecessary and discriminatory restrictions on who can access the polls and when.


Resident Leadership Training

The training promotes resident leadership and community engagement by educating and empowering residents on the principles of community organizing. Participants focus on gaining a comprehensive understanding of topics such as the effects of community trauma, navigating civic engagement, and learning how healing can foster community transformation. Residents develop leadership and organizing skills and learn how to introduce targeted strategies to focus on addressing issues affecting the community and promote positive engagement and change.


Spring Into Action

Wisconsin Voices provides regrants to grassroots nonprofits and Rising Leaders” that are serving communities whose challenges have not been addressed by our democratic system. Regrant funding will support short term projects that support our partners by building the power needed to break down barriers to civic participation, build confidence to improve our government, and strengthen connections between our community members.