We Believe

All Wisconsinites have a voice in local, state, and federal democracy.

We engage with community partners, organizations and groups to provide ongoing civic engagement and long-term collective impact for all Wisconsin voters.

"Wisconsin Voices works to ensure all Wisconsinites have a voice and freedom in democracy regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity."

Our Strategy

We need new community leaders who will continue leading the next generation of young people, promote racial equity so that all citizens have equal opportunities. We need our government to provide transparent policies that everyone's voice can be heard and counted.

We believe that we can plant the seeds in others who have the same interest. We will build a grassroots movement that will continue for years to come.


Develop new community leadership. Mentor community leaders for the future.


Promote racial equity so all people have equal opportunities.

Champion Transparency

Champion transparent policies that give equal access to all.

Civic Engagement

Foster civic engagement so that everyone has an equal voice.

Inspiring Stories

Stories about people and situations we helped.

Near West Side Revitalized By The New State Music Park

Young adults have a safe place to express their creativity.

The New State Music Park

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Milwaukee Rebuilds Butterfly Park For Playspace Equity

Creating The Bridge To A Healthy Community

Metcalfe Park Community Bridges brings playspace equity.

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Global Peace Ambassadors | True Skool

A Healing Connection

Children of Peace Uganda & TRUE Skool come together.

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The Growing Tree Children's Center Reopening | UMCS

A Needed Childcare

Childrens daycare reopens.

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Running Free: The Baraboo River Restoration Story

A River Runs Free Again

The Baraboo River Restoration Story

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Wisconsin Tech. Month Hosted By The Milky Way Tech. Hub

Broadband Is A Right

Wisconsin Tech Month Rally.

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Fathers Knows Best | Fathers Making Progress

Helping Dads Be Better Dads

​B.A.D is how we summarize the innovative way we work with men and youth

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Ways To Get Involved

There's a lot of things we need you for.

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We want to offer you the opportunity for your project success. Become a partner of Wisconsin Voices and enjoy all the benefits.