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Featured Stories and Updates

Playspace Rebuild Butterfly Park

Metcalfe Park Community Bridges brings playspace equity.

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Global Peace Ambassadors True Skool

Children of Peace Uganda & TRUE Skool come together.

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When we talk about "success stories," it's important to remember that success can be measured in many ways.

The most common ones include: people contacted, registrations and increased voter participation.

But, what about those who have been positively impacted by what happened through this program.

We want to recognize our community successes not only because their hard work deserves recognition but also so people will see the empowering impact of these programs.

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Opportunities for Partnership

We want to offer you the opportunity for your projects success. Become a partner of Wisconsin Voices and enjoy all sorts benefits.

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What Makes Us Different?

We believe that communities can be empowered to be their own solution. You deserve to be heard. We understand that you may not always feel like your voice is being heard, so we work hard at giving everyone the opportunity share what's on mind. We strive to bring the resources your community needs; after all "Your Choice" means everything starts here!

Community Voices

Wisconsin Voices actively participates in community solutions. We learn first-hand of the problems in communities and seek to provide solutions.

AMANI Partners Meeting

Resident-led Civic Engagement

Wisconsin Voices listens to our partners solution and helps implement them. We teach communities to participate in the political process to get solutions.

The New State Public Event

Advocacy In

Wisconsin Voices proactively works with other programs to provide community events. We help build community outreach relationships.

Our Services

Year Round Statewide Civic Engagement

Coalition Meetings

We facilitate coalition meetings with our partners to coordinate support and event planning.

Data Systems

We provide cutting edge Data and Outreach tools to our community partners including but not limited to Smart VAN and Hustle.

Communication Campaigns

We create engaging campaigns that focus on the power of engagement. We are talking about more than voting  - our goal is to make you feel like YOUR voice can change things!

New Partnerships

We continue to build relationship within the communities our partners serve, to collectively have one strong voice for the underserved.

Financial Resources

We provide support to partners to help build their capacity and civic engagement programs.

Policy and Advocacy

We are fully engaged at the state, local, and federal levels to support the policies that will help change our communities for the better.

  • Your Voice

    We give you the opportunity for your concerns and issues to be heard. We find that others share your concern and actively seek solutions.

  • Your Choice

    Community groups are empowered to solve neighborhood issues, build relationships and promote civic engagement.

  • OUR Commitment

    We are proactively involved with our community partners programs. We show up to help with community projects.

Ways To Get Involved

There's a lot of things we need you for.

Donate Now

Giving is a choice, not an obligation. Donate now and help make communities stronger!

Take Action

You can make the world better for tomorrow! Don't miss out on this  opportunity to do something good for your community organization.


We want to offer you the opportunity for your project success. Become a partner of Wisconsin Voices and enjoy all the benefits.

Your Voice, Your Choice
Our Commitment

We help people across the state connect with their communities, learn about issues that matter to them, and take action on what they believe.

We were founded as a grassroots movement to remember what we stand for and make a plan that everyone can contribute to. This includes building an engaged citizenry working for change, expanding the electorate by targeting underrepresented constituencies, developing stronger leaders who will never stop fighting even when the going gets tough, continuing support of cultural diversity.

Our Mission

We engage with community partners, organizations and groups to provide long-term collective impact for all Wisconsinites.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a more inclusive democracy by increasing civic participation among all Wisconsinites.