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Civic 101 Classes
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See what Wisconsin Voices and their partners are doing around the community.

What Makes Us Different?
We believe that communities can be empowered to be their own solution. You deserve to be heard. We understand that you may not always feel like your voice is being heard, so we work hard at giving everyone the opportunity to share what's on their mind. We strive to bring the resources your community needs; after all "Your Choice" means everything starts here


Coalition Meetings

We facilitate coalition meetings with our partners to coordinate support and event planning.

Data Systems

We provide cutting edge Data and Outreach tools to our community partners including but not limited to Smart VAN and Hustle.

Communication Campaigns

We create engaging campaigns that focus on the power of engagement. We are talking about more than voting  - our goal is to make you feel like YOUR voice can change things!

New Partnerships

We continue to build relationship within the communities our partners serve, to collectively have one strong voice for the underserved.

Financial Resources

We provide support to partners to help build their capacity and civic engagement programs

Policy and Advocacy

We are fully engaged at the state, local, and federal levels to support the policies that will help change our communities for the better.